Make up and Photography by Lisa Reeve - Character Party - Lizards

Dear Lisa,

Thank you so, so much for transforming us into amazing lizards. We absolutely loved the whole experience. You are so professional and attentive to every detail. Thank you for your dedicated approach and for taking so much time and care with us. Your artistry and inspiring ideas made it an unforgettable experience. We caused such a stir on the night and received some lovely comments both from people at the event and those who saw the photo you took, which incidentally was beautifully and creatively shot and framed, and from people who saw photos taken by the official event photographer.

A few comments from those who saw :-/photos of us…

– you looked amazing, incredible, how long did it take?
-very cool, must have taken ages in make-up
-such attention to detail
-you looked almost handsome!
-Her neckline reminds me of 80s TV series, ‘V’
-Your shirt is perfect match for your face paint
(although we know it was the other way round!)

All in all, Lisa, you did a beautiful, artistic, creative, inspired, beautiful, incredibly awesome job. You are truly devoted to your art, made us look amazing and transformed us. We thoroughly recommend you to anyone who wants to be transformed visually and made to feel like a movie star.

Thank you cannot express it enough,

Stephen and Damo

Damo and Steph

”Lisa is a very talented make-up artist, both when she is creating natural make-up, and artistic face-painting! It comes very naturally to her, and she can create a variety of styles with ease. She is also an excellent photographer, and it’s great that she can combine these two skills to create a beautiful image of her artistic work. I would highly recommend her services 🙂 ” – Sarah Coats 

Sarah Coats